Life in the Colorado wilderness tests the Macahans to the limit in the gripping second season of How the West Was Won – one of the most epic TV Westerns of all time. The frontier adventure continues as hardened mountain man and patriarch Zeb (James Arness) gets caught in the middle of a war between the Sioux tribe and the U.S. Army, while eldest Macahan son (and still fugitive) Luke (Bruce Boxleitner) finds something more dangerous than the vengeful lawmen chasing him: a lethal gang of ex-Confederate gold robbers. Aunt Molly Culhane (Emmy® winner Fionnula Flanagan) joins the family, bringing Irish grit and an open heart to the Macahan children and homestead. Featuring military clashes, cattle drives, land grabs and gold fever, year two of the Macahan saga rides tall with excitement with epic stories as expansive as the open frontier.

Season 2:
Episode 1: Buffalo Story • Episode 2: Mormon Story • Episode 3: Interlude • Episode 4: Orville Gant • Episode 5: Amnesty • Episode 6: Robber’s Roost • Episode 7: Gold • Episode 8: Brothers • Episode 9: Cattle Drive • Episode 10: Deek

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