Get set for more hard-charging action and laughs than you can shake a stick at – in the uproarious, star-powered sequel to Slap Shot, the original classic hailed as “one of the top ten sports movies ever!” (Sports Illustrated,, The Sporting News). Sean Linden (Stephen Baldwin) is the long-suffering captain and coach of the Charlestown Chiefs. With a roster of one-time stars, would-be hot shots and the comically uncontrollable Hanson Brothers, the Chiefs are a team whose glory days are a distant memory. But the team’s new millionaire owner (Gary Busey) has a new game plan: to turn the Chiefs into the bumbling, underdog losers in a bogus made-for-TV hockey league! And to add insult to injury, their new coach…is a woman! Now, it’s going to take a stone-cold miracle – and some high-sticking action from Sean and the Hanson Brothers – to show the world they’ve got what it takes to win back their passion for the game!

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