Who else but zany Marty Feldman would buy a used camel? It’s the spoof to end all spoofs as Feldman shatters the Gary Cooper/French Foreign Legion classic. Set in England and Morocco in 1906, Feldman’s “remake” mocks all the do-or-die extravaganzas we’ve known and loved as he portrays Digby, identical twin brother to Michael York’s stalwart Beau Geste. Joining in the desert lunacy are a vast array of stars including Peter Ustinov, Terry-Thomas, Ann-Margret as the boys’ seductive stepmother, and James Earl Jones as Sheik Abdul the Disgusting. Feldman co-wrote, stars and makes his outrageous directorial debut with this comedy which, as the title suggests, threatens to end the whole romance-adventure genre once and for all.

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